Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 12:18  24-11-2009
Name: Helen Price ( Location: Wantage , Country: UK ) Email: darrenandhelenprice <at> sky <dot> com

Hi John,

I check your blog and progress every day, you are doing brilliantly.
Much love from all the Oxon county girls rugby crowd.

Time & Date: 11:35  24-11-2009
Name: Patrick (Your Godson and favourite nephew) ( Location: The Phoenix Pub , Country: Back Home ) Email: pvaughanfowler <at> gmail <dot> com

Hi Johnny,
It looks like you're doing brilliantly. Thinking of you every time i nearly get hit by cyclists in London!
Keep it up. Amazing!
Loadsd of love,

Time & Date: 09:46  24-11-2009
Name: Trish & Bill Gransbury ( Location: Barossa Valley , Country: Australia ) Email: billgran <at> chariot <dot> net <dot> au

Hi John,
Have tried to contact you but no luck sending message. We are Tim's parents and if you want accomodation in Adelaide or the Barossa - or even a meal out in Adelaide we would love to come and meet you. Good Luck
Kind Regards,
Trish & Bill Gransbury

Time & Date: 22:31  23-11-2009
Name: Shauna ( Location: Adelaide , Country: Australia ) Email: swatt <at> eynesbury <dot> sa <dot> edu <dot> au

Wow what a ride! As an Australian resident I understand (like people who haven't been into the outback can't) how empty and lonely those roads can be. Your comment about the bustling outback towns (not) made me laugh as it so true. Good luck with the ride what a way to see the country - it is beautiful and so empty.
Stay safe.

Time & Date: 21:17  23-11-2009
Name: chris ( Location: oxford , Country: england ) Email: chris <at> latitudes <dot> co <dot> uk

Bumped into Kate and Alice at parents evening.Both in good form having a ball at home parties late nights
obviously missing you desperately!!!
Keep the good work up and look after that left hand.
Bish xx

Time & Date: 20:21  23-11-2009
Name: Judith Hillier ( Location: Clanfield , Country: UK )

Wow - can't believe how far you've gone. So impressed.

Time & Date: 19:43  23-11-2009
Name: Daniel Kitchen ( Location: oxford , Country: UK ) Email: dk <at> optimox <dot> co <dot> uk

You must have seen some amazing stars travelling at night! No light pollution - can you feel GOD!!!!! sorry getting carried away. Hope that you are having a nice time on your holiday.

Time & Date: 19:21  23-11-2009
Name: The Francis Family ( Location: Radclive , Country: England ) Email: Francis3 <at> sky <dot> com

Hi Johnnie can't believe how quickly the little cyclist on the map is moving, you are doing fantastically well!! Good luck with the rest of your journey, I'm sure you can't wait to see Kate and the girls. Be safe, Debbie, Nick, James, Sophie and Rosie x

Time & Date: 18:15  23-11-2009
Name: Plunkets ( Location: Elsfield , Country: England ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk

I came back from a meeting to find Kate about to enjoy lunch with Caroline. What's a chap to do but join the gaggle and get the latest update.
136 miles in one day - Wow!
14 hours in the saddle in one day - Ow!
Spinach soup and garlic bread are having their revenge now, but I hear you are facing much stronger and challenging winds outback (so to speak).
Keep on keeping on!
J, C, G & G

Time & Date: 09:21  23-11-2009
Name: Alison Jones ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: ajones <at> ryestantony <dot> co <dot> uk


All of us at Rye are thinking of you and hoping that things are going well. Best wishes Alison

Time & Date: 08:54  23-11-2009
Name: Andy B ( Location: Clanfield , Country: UK ) Email: andrew <dot> bernard <at> tradeweb <dot> com

Dear Johnnie - we went to Merton on Saturday, ostensibly to watch the X-Factor, but it turned out that Kate, Tattin and I sat in the kitchen and talked bollocks for some time. It was great. Your family are well and missing you, and radiate a pride and resolve that does you (and them) a great deal of credit. We had a chilli con carne, and blamed the resulting smells on the dog. We are all watching your map and reading your blog and wearing the wristbands, and in a very tiny way sharing the journey with you, although it is much more comfortable to do it from an armchair here! Take a deep breath, push on and know we are with you. Love from all here - Andy B

Time & Date: 06:51  23-11-2009
Name: Mary Helen Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: maryhelenwoods <at> hotmail <dot> com

Hello Uncle Johnny, your description of your back cart coming loose reminds me of once when I attached our enormous weighty old trailer to the ball on the back of the car, and started heading back to Melb from Mornington. At an intersection outside Frankston, I was startled to see the trailer preceding me into the intersection which was a worry as the light was red. It came to a graceful halt halfway through after which I was roundly abused by many drivers who had understandably thought their last moments had arrived.

Only kangaroos to abuse you, or possibly other ferals? Hopefully not the human variety. Hang in there. MHW

Time & Date: 00:36  23-11-2009
Name: Damien Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: damien <dot> woods <at> riotinto <dot> com

Hi Johnny - if you can survive a stay with Charlie Shannon, you can survive anything!! Sounds like hard work so far, but the little man on the map is moving in the right direction. I'm brewing a batch of Newcastle Brown Ale at the moment - should be just ready to crack open when you arrive. I'll have one on ice for you.

Time & Date: 09:06  22-11-2009
Name: Kate ( Location: Merton , Country: UK ) Email: katevf <at> hotmail <dot> com

Just spoken to you on the phone-can't think of a better way to start the day!
You sounded so up beat, it was great! So different from a couple of days ago!
I can't believe you just cycled over 100 miles in a day(night) that is so amazing, a record! Your little green man on the home page doesn't do you any justice, he hasn't moved a mm.!
We are just off to rugby and then netball.Have a well deserved rest and speak to you soon i hope!
I love you!
K x

Time & Date: 00:17  22-11-2009
Name: Jerome

Keep up the great work, Johnny. You are in my prayers.

Time & Date: 23:06  21-11-2009
Name: Jo ( Location: Penarth , Country: UK ) Email: jocouper <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

So proud and so in awe...keep pedalling are simply amazing.Kate and the girls are doing you proud...Jo xxx

Time & Date: 22:29  21-11-2009
Name: Paul

we are all praying for your safety and that brother Bobby may one day develop the IQ of a kangaroo. The second would be a miracle ; the first a certainy provided you keep a bloody good lookout for ferals ( both human and animal). more strenth to your arm- and feet.

Time & Date: 20:55  21-11-2009
Name: Bob Santamaria ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: Bob <dot> Santamaria <at> anz <dot> com


To get there, you need three things: courage, support.....and insanity. You have each in spades.

And to think we were all worried about you surviving the heat - in Melbourne, we now have floods.

We are all praying for you.

We are also praying for our brother, Paul - like you, he is a bit stupid.

Go, Johnny!

Take care,


P.S. Try to leave the kangaroos alone, we are quite proud of them.

Time & Date: 20:52  21-11-2009
Name: Callum Couper ( Location: Penarth , Country: UK ) Email: callum <dot> couper <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Well VF over 10% of your target behind you, good luck with the amazing mental and physical effort you are having to make. I will look forward to following your blog and, hey, what a top fellow you are...Callum

Time & Date: 14:30  21-11-2009
Name: Louise Robins ( Location: Oxford , Country: England )

Wow Johnny - what a start! You seem to be coping so well with everything that this trip is throwing at you.
Had a lovely night with Kate last night - drinks cabinet may need restocking tho!
Did you put any Queen on Kate's ipod? Don't stop me now' or 'Bicycle'!

Time & Date: 10:43  21-11-2009
Name: Plunkets ( Location: Elsfield , Country: UK ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk

Streuth Johnny, what a flying start you have made. It looks like the "Hoff" may lose his position as the (K)night Rider if you carry on doing such progressive pre-dawn dashes.
When you say that your gear is slipping, do you mean that your shorts are riding up your... ?
Keep safe.
J, C, G and G

Time & Date: 10:23  21-11-2009
Name: Bunty Email: hdmccormack <at> hotmail <dot> com

You are making fantastic progress in challenging conditions!Well done you.Stay safe.x

Time & Date: 09:30  21-11-2009
Name: Gareth and Natasha Evans ( Location: Sydney , Country: The Hot Country ) Email: gnevans <at> bigpond <dot> net <dot> au

Hi John. Wow. We know how hot, hard and harsh it is where you are. Amazed at what you are doing. Checking your blog daily to check on your progress. Hope you continue as you have started. Hopefully a cooler change on the way (well, slightly under the century). What a coincidence - I'll be at Gipsy House just as you are coming to the end of your ride. We wish you the best of luck. G&N

Time & Date: 08:45  21-11-2009
Name: Janet ( Location: Bampton , Country: England ) Email: janet528 <at> btinternet <dot> com

I'm a bellringing friend of your sister Catherine. Congratulations and good luck. Hope you can take the time to talk to people along the way, Australians are the most hospitable people. We'll pray that He watches over you and that you can enjoy all you see, hear, smell and taste along the way.

Time & Date: 22:32  20-11-2009
Name: Holly Prest ( Location: Adelaide , Country: Australia ) Email: crprest <at> gmail <dot> com

Very pleased to hear the wise decision made by Edward and Kate and the girls to be your support crew for part of this arduous adventure - it is such a harsh and unforgiving country in summer. Hoping for a miraculous cool change for you !!