Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 12:31  28-11-2009
Name: Hugh and Bunty

Alice Springs!! What progress,what a hero!

Time & Date: 12:02  28-11-2009
Name: Jenny ( Location: Sydney , Country: Australia ) Email: jcoorey <at> gmail <dot> com

We are so proud of you. You have set yourself such a big challenge, and you are coping so well. Thanks for the update in your blog. We are all keen to read it each day. Keep safe and good luck for the next leg of the trip. Love Jenny

Time & Date: 11:49  28-11-2009
Name: Philip ( Location: UK )

Well done - In Alice Springs at last. Enjoy a good rest until you get together with Edward on Tuesday - you deserve it - a 1,000 miles in 10 days in that heat and wind is one heck of an achievement.

Time & Date: 05:23  28-11-2009
Name: Chad Pickert ( Location: Darwin , Country: Australia )

Hi John, Just jumped on the website and looking at the pictures. Looks like you are doing well, keep pedaling mate you are an inspiration to us all. Great to meet you in Darwin take care - Cheers, Chad

Time & Date: 00:20  28-11-2009
Name: Amanda ( Location: Today....Hay on Wye , Country: England )

Hi Johnny
We're sitting round a fire in lovely rainy Wales with some friends and telling them of your crazy but admirable adventure and we've been enjoying your blog. Just wishing you well. So glad you have found an unexpected support team and that you are doing so brilliantly well. Love Amanda and Kenxxx

Time & Date: 23:13  27-11-2009
Name: james V-F

Hope you are holding up in the face of such testing conditions. John, Chris and Liam from CBL Electric Vehicles say hi, hope you are well and ask if the box is holding together?

For my part, I am simply full of admiration and hope that you are safe and as well as can be expected.

Have Radio Oxford been in touch? They said they would. If not do you want me to give them a call?

As ever,
your most fabulous brother.

Time & Date: 21:33  27-11-2009
Name: Angie ( Location: Cheeky , Country: Good question ) Email: angie <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Hey Johnny could you ever grab uz a few of doze VB empties to hang on the wall?

Time & Date: 12:18  27-11-2009
Name: Tattin

Did you get to touch the Devil's marbles?.......
Not long now and you'll have Edward's wonderful jokes to keep you going. Just be thankful you haven't got Andy too. xx

Time & Date: 04:32  27-11-2009
Name: Darryl McGill ( Location: Canberra , Country: Australia ) Email: darryl <dot> mcgill <at> act <dot> gov <dot> au

Dear John,

You may not remember but we meet about 20 years ago I think at the wonderful Boar Hill house. Elizabeth and I are friends of Alex and John here in Canberra.

We are most impressed; not just with your wonderful adventure but how well organised you are - must be a good Oxonian trait. We are also most envious - you will have seen more of Australia than we have!

Hope to meet you again one day. Keep up the good work and enjoy the experience. I hope your mother is able to monitor your travels. She must be very pleased.

Elizabeth O'Keefe and Darryl McGill (Canberra, ACT)

Time & Date: 02:31  27-11-2009
Name: Martha & Doug ( Location: Canberra , Country: Oz ) Email: martha_eyers <at> hotmail <dot> com

Dearest Johnny,
We're so proud of you and try to check your page every single day!!
You're making such great progress and we can't wait to hear all about it from Ed's perspective soon too. Hopefully he can help you out for all of us who wish we could but can't.
Take care of yourself, keep well and focused on the bigger goals, we are all behind you, even at 1am with big winds.
Talk soon and we hope to see you soon.
All our love, as always....

Time & Date: 12:04  26-11-2009
Name: Mark Souster ( Location: Devizes , Country: England ) Email: msou2times <at> aol <dot> com


Am in awe of what you are doing. You are making incredible progress. Keep it going. I have emailed Jonny W and hopefully he will send some inspiration your way.

Look after yourself

Time & Date: 09:45  26-11-2009
Name: Steve & Jacqui ( Location: Witney , Country: UK ) Email: steveperritt <at> yahoo <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi - we are Alex & John's neighbours and have been following your progress - keep it up, you are doing incredibly well. Having driven your route a few years ago we can appreciate just what you have taken on and admire your efforts. Just think how great Alice Springs is going to be !

Time & Date: 07:40  26-11-2009
Name: Rick ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Hey John, how's your butt?

Time & Date: 07:13  26-11-2009
Name: Jon ( Country: Ireland ) Email: jonmarshall <at> oxfree <dot> com

Nice to know Im not alone...looking at the progress of the little green bike 1st thing in the morning....keep going Johnny...Alice Springs in site...great ride!!!!!

Time & Date: 23:36  25-11-2009
Name: Lucy Dahl ( Location: Los Angeles , Country: USA ) Email: Lucydahl <at> mac <dot> com

Johnny - I think this sounds and looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful and I think about you and your massive adventure a lot.
Although it's tough as shit, I'll bet you'll miss it when it's over... After a bit!

Time & Date: 22:35  25-11-2009
Name: Clare ( Location: Hawthorn )

Go Johnny - the green man has moved so far - we too have the site up all the time and are a little addicted. But Tattin, do you really think Ed will spur him on??

Big love xx

Time & Date: 20:17  25-11-2009
Name: Jonny Lee ( Location: Edles , Country: UK ) Email: jonathan <dot> lee <at> talk21 <dot> com

Johnny - now you're just showing off! That's a big chunk done - be sure to enjoy it and no, I'm not going to go cycling with you when you get back!

Time & Date: 18:07  25-11-2009
Name: Uncle Paul

Go Johnny - The Alice is in sight - you've broken the back of the ride to the Centre .Fantastic stuff .
That little green man has a very determined look in his eye . (Beware of imposter Paul Santas along the route and across the ethernet and take special care),
all the best
Big Paul.

Time & Date: 17:00  25-11-2009
Name: MVF ( Location: Hope Cove , Country: UK ) Email: michaelvf <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

I have photos of Paul with his early morning computer....
We have wind here also - huge seas and dramatic waves, so great fun.
Looks like you are trucking (no, JP, that's with a "TR") along - well done and may your calipers not get crusty.
Thinking of you often and be safe.

Time & Date: 16:06  25-11-2009
Name: Paul Santa ( Location: Fulham )


When I wake up I do something altogether different with my computer, but that is another story for another time...

I have to go now, I have a lot of people to meet.

Good luck!

Time & Date: 14:07  25-11-2009
Name: Tattin

You are doing amazingly. When we wake up we turn on the computer immediately to see what you are up to. It's become slightly addictive! Your little green bike is making wonderful progress. Not far to Alice Springs now and then the added company of Edward spurring you on. Lots of love from one very proud little

Time & Date: 11:29  25-11-2009
Name: Philip, Emma and boys ( Location: Wet and windy Tunley, Bath , Country: England ) Email: phillipvf <at> btconnect <dot> com

Another very fine effort - well done. All thinking of you here, but watch out for the huge herd of 600 rampaging and thirsty camels in Docker River, west of Uluru - they have heard of a lone cyclist with a camel back full of water on the way to Alice, and are on the way for a rendezvous with you and your water.

Time & Date: 05:03  25-11-2009
Name: JP ( Location: Work , Country: Australia )

Flying through Johnny! Keep going my son!

PS No one believes what you wrote about Charlie.

Time & Date: 17:18  24-11-2009
Name: James V-F


Time & Date: 12:57  24-11-2009
Name: Ben Santamaria

Hi Johnny,

Got your voicemail last night - good to hear you in such good spirits.

Ed tells me that you're due in Alice this Sunday - flying along! We're all thinking of you here and you're very much in our prayers.

Keep safe,
Ben and Lex