Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 10:05  18-11-2009
Name: Ben Santa

Johnny, as my dad always says, the first day is always the hardest. Now that that's behind you, go for gold!

Knees high, shoulders back - the rest will take care of itself.

Keep safe and speak to you when you reach Goodall Street.

Time & Date: 09:44  18-11-2009
Name: caroline ( Location: merton , Country: UK ) Email: cogkerr <at> googlemail <dot> com

Have been leaving you messages on your "Contact me" but not getting through! You have started your epic journey-the high winds we have here today would give you a head start if in the right direction!! Thinking of you and good luck. Lots of love from Merton Croft

Time & Date: 09:05  18-11-2009
Name: Andy B ( Location: Its a secret, but you can check on google , Country: Mother Country ) Email: andrew <dot> bernard <at> tradeweb <dot> com

So, the waiting is over and every mile brings you closer to home and those you love, although that may not include me. When it gets difficult, Johnnie, push on, and know that we are willing you on from here. Have fun, and we are all very proud of you. Andy B

Time & Date: 07:31  18-11-2009
Name: Richard Pullinger ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

This is the fun bit. Go for it John.......

Time & Date: 06:42  18-11-2009
Name: Sue Tomkys ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: suetomkys <at> hotmail <dot> com

Good luck for today- thinking of you as you start out on your epic journey.

Time & Date: 00:32  18-11-2009
Name: Jo,Caitlin,Hamish,Tigs ( Location: Penarth , Country: Wales ) Email: jocouper <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Love you Johnieeeeeeeeeeeee
We are thinking of you all the time and keeping in touch with your lovely girls at least 3 times a day!
Go biker boy

Time & Date: 22:15  17-11-2009
Name: chris bishop ( Location: lovegroves , Country: england ) Email: chris <at> latitudes <dot> co <dot> uk

Just spoken to Alice who has said you are off in two hours.God speed and we are with you all the way!!

Time & Date: 20:51  17-11-2009
Name: Penny V-F ( Location: Buckland Marsh , Country: UK ) Email: penel <at> wheelstone <dot> net

"Take a deep breath and push!"
Tons of love at the start of the mother of all journeys (is this rude, by the way? I hope not!)

Time & Date: 17:35  17-11-2009
Name: James V-F ( Location: Buckland Marsh , Country: England ) Email: james <at> lsr <dot> uk <dot> com

G'day Bro'

Hope the bike and bits arrived safely and that it all goes together without a hitch. All of us here in Buckland Marsh are thinking of you and send lots of best wishes and our love.
Keep strong and remember, don't eat yellow snow!

Time & Date: 16:51  17-11-2009
Name: Sebastian Ladimeji ( Location: London , Country: United Kingdom ) Email: sebastian <dot> ladimeji <at> tbailey <dot> co <dot> uk

It was great to meet you. You are an inspiration for many. Good Luck on your fantastic journey.

Time & Date: 08:42  17-11-2009
Name: Jenny ( Location: Sydney , Country: Australia ) Email: jcoorey <at> gmail <dot> com

It was great to see you on your way to Darwin. Wishing you a cool journey from top 2 bottom...

Time & Date: 06:59  17-11-2009
Name: Amy Kearney ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: juliestanley1 <at> optusnet <dot> com <dot> au

I am a great Roald Dahl fan and was wondering when you will be in Melbourne - I would like to meet you and congratulate you!

Amy, aged 7

Time & Date: 06:47  17-11-2009
Name: Bronte ( Location: Sydney , Country: Aus ) Email: brontecoorey <at> gmail <dot> com

Hey Jhonny good luck will be cheering you on while supporting by wearing the wristband and t-shirt.

Good Luck again

Time & Date: 23:30  16-11-2009
Name: Mary Helen Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: maryhelenwoods <at> hotmail <dot> com

Go Uncle Johnny. And let me know when and where you are actually getting on the bike.
Our warmest wishes
Mad Dogs and Englishmen ..........


Time & Date: 23:17  16-11-2009
Name: James Plunket ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk
Homepage: http://http://

Hi Johnny.
As you are reading this, you have obviously landed safely and are sitting in front of your friendly neighbourhood PC, probably with a cold beer for company. Good for you!
I trust the flight was less eventful than the check-in. Oh my, what a star Helen Forster was at the Qantas desk. Anyway, 26 hours of sampling fine wine and gourmet food should have settled your adrenalin back to normal levels again, and just in time to get psyched up for the pedal south.
I hope the guys in Darwin have everything prep'ed and ready to deal with the bike. In the inimitable words of the six-million dollar man - "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him... better, stronger, faster!" So you and your cross-country companion will be unstoppable, all the way to Hawthorn.
Ride strong.
James, Caroline, Georgie and Grace

Time & Date: 22:38  16-11-2009
Name: Clare ( Location: Melbourne )

Go Johnnie!!! We are so close yet so so so far.

Hope the beginning is successful and speak soon xxxxx

Time & Date: 17:48  16-11-2009
Name: jane berry ( Location: home , Country: england ) Email: bjanejohn <at> aol <dot> com

Dear Mr V-F
Sorry I didn't get a chance to speak to you before you left for Aus but the very best of luck to you. I have just returned from Abingdon with a silver cup won by the U15 girls netball team (Tils team) and you weren't there to hug! Hope this works as a hug instead! Lots of love Jane Berry (Mrs B OHS) x

Time & Date: 23:29  15-11-2009
Name: Tom V-F aka Big Tommy V aka Slasha aka T-Dog ( Country: Fulham, wait... )
Homepage: http://

I hear the start wasn't ideal...

Rather get the mishaps out of the way at home. At least that's what Mum and Dad always said about Edo.

Good luck!

Time & Date: 23:06  14-11-2009
Name: Kate ( Location: Merton , Country: UK ) Email: katevf <at> hotmail <dot> com

I am missing you already!
I love you!
K x

Time & Date: 08:34  14-11-2009
Name: Howard ( Location: oxon , Country: uk ) Email: howard01 <at> gmail <dot> com

All the best and a safe trip will be following your trip on line and on radio oxford

Time & Date: 20:05  13-11-2009
Name: ems Kerr ( Location: oxford , Country: england ) Email: emzypiejustluvsherself <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Good luck ! And hope you have a safe journey, will be thinking of you ! :)

Time & Date: 15:47  13-11-2009
Name: Tim Ault ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )


Good luck and best wishes from Tim and the team at Alberon.

Time & Date: 12:37  13-11-2009
Name: Sam Selvarajah (PDS Events team) ( Location: London , Country: UK ) Email: sselvarajah <at> parkinsons <dot> org <dot> uk

Hi John,

Good luck on your amazing bike ride! I am astounded by your fundraising plans and Sarah Collard has been keeping the PDS Events team up to date with your details.

I'm sure I speak for everyone connected to the Parkinson's Disease Society, when I say we are so, so, so grateful for your incredible efforts and dedication. You have raised such a phenomenal amount for people affected by Parkinson's. I wish you the very best on your epic journey and look forward to following it along the way!

Thanks again and best wishes,


Time & Date: 12:35  13-11-2009
Name: Trevor ( Location: Banbury , Country: UK ) Email: Tvass1959 <at> googlemail <dot> com

Best wishes with your fantastic plan, you wi be in best country in the world. 50 in December myself and can only admire what you hoping to achieve for charity and also for yourself. The human spirit never dies as it's ageless, may the wind always be at your back.

Time & Date: 12:33  13-11-2009
Name: Sarah Collard

Hi John,

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your incredible trip! We really appreciate all of the hard work you are putting in to this challenge to raise funds for the Parkinson's Disease Society. The fundraising so far has been hugely successful; please pass on our thanks to all who have donated. It is a truly inspirational challenge and I can't wait to hear how you get on!

All the best John,

Sarah Collard
Events Assistant
Parkinson's Disease Society