Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 20:49  20-11-2009
Name: Caroline ( Location: Merton , Country: UK ) Email: cogkerr <at> googlemail <dot> com

Had lovely catch up with Kate this afternoon, she gave me a gorgeous reindeer to add to my collection!! Thinking of you and sending hugs from all at Merton Croft xxx

Time & Date: 20:24  20-11-2009
Name: Nicky Henderson ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: nickhenderson62 <at> gmail <dot> com
Homepage: http://http://

Dear Johnny, just to say we're thinking about you and following your journey with such interest!!! You are living life and we do so admire you for actually getting out there and doing what you said you were going to do! Please take great care of yourself....and've guessed...I'm feeling a bit teary and emotional as I write this!!! Hopeless!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Above everything else...enjoy yourself!!! (I wonder if you're already planning your next adventure?!!!!!!) Sending you a BIG HUG and lots of love from The Hendersons xxxxxxxx

Time & Date: 20:24  20-11-2009
Name: Jonny, Sarah Ad & Soph ( Location: Edlesborough , Country: Uk ) Email: jonathan <dot> lee <at> talk21 <dot> com

Jonnie Boy - I hope your vaseline is holding up. 10% done - great progress so far but dont be tempted to push too hard too soon. Told the boys I was at Twickers with about your adventure and they're all sponsoring you and think you have real guts, but we knew that! Were very proud of you - keep pushing out those steady miles.

Time & Date: 18:41  20-11-2009
Name: Johnnie Henderson ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: ginger_johngie <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi Johnny following your progress with interest now i've found your website hope your enjoying yourself love from your favourite godson Johnnie. Good luck! Keep going!

Time & Date: 10:53  20-11-2009
Name: Tim Coorey ( Location: Sydney , Country: Australia ) Email: timcoorey <at> gmail <dot> com

Best of luck Johnny! I've just been given my wristband by Bronte. Looks like you've already made good progress. See you in Melbourne!!

Time & Date: 07:34  20-11-2009
Name: Rick ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Judging by the map you've made fantastic headway John. Did you remember your saddle?

Time & Date: 23:59  19-11-2009
Name: Maria Gibbons ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: margaret <dot> gibbons <at> ntlworld <dot> com

Full of admiration for the courage you are showing. This is an amazing challenge. I know that your strength of character will see you through.
Keeping track of your progress, and keeping you in our prayers. Take care, you have a lot of support back home.

Time & Date: 22:49  19-11-2009
Name: Tattin ( Location: Windy Clanfield )

How about "I cycled by moonlight" for the title of your book about your adventures? Go carefully. We are thinking of you every waking moment. xxx

Time & Date: 18:48  19-11-2009
Name: Molly Lootens ( Location: Arizona , Country: USA ) Email: mollikins <at> cox <dot> net

This is James FRrancis' great auntie --- we lived in oz for 3.5 years, and loved it. Have a safe trip --- we hope to meet you one day.


Time & Date: 17:21  19-11-2009
Name: Gina ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

You have an amazing daughter, who has rallied all of her colleagues to spur you on to complete your task. My partner Mark marvels at your determination, and my daughter wears one of your wrist-bands - all down to Emily-Rose. Think of an office full of people you haven't met, all rooting for you to complete your task - you can do it!

Time & Date: 15:39  19-11-2009
Name: Cathy Clarke ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: clarkes <at> townfurze <dot> eclipse <dot> co <dot> uk

Hear you've had an eventful few days!! Just want to let you know that everyone back here is thinking about you and wishing you lots of love and luck!
We have every faith in you and know that you can do this. Just take care!!
I keep having to check where the little man on the bike is! He looks just like you! ;-)

Time & Date: 13:43  19-11-2009
Name: Kate ( Location: Merton , Country: UK ) Email: katevf <at> hotmail <dot> com

Hi Honey! If you are reading this,you've made it to Katherine! You can cross out that bit on your home page that says 'unsupported'. The girls and i are going to hire a camper van and follow you from Adelaide to Melbourne! What kind of wife would i be letting you pull that heavy trailer behind you in 45c! Besides which,we miss you soooo much and can't wait till Dec 19th to see you! If it takes longer,so be it, i can do Xmas stockings and turkey paste in a motor home,just as long as we are all together! (Soonie said she'll save our Xmas pudding!) Stay strong and safe- remember ILYMTWCS! x

Time & Date: 12:21  19-11-2009
Name: Andrea Roger ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Hope you are able to cool down soon! Good luck with the rest of your journey and well done!

Time & Date: 12:08  19-11-2009
Name: Babette ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )


Just another message of support from the UK! Emily-Rose is keeping us updated and we are all thinking of you. Good luck with getting back on the bike and speeding along like the wind! I struggle with cycling 15min down Woodstock Road so my admiration for your Australian quest knows no bounds!! Thinking of you, Babette

Time & Date: 11:58  19-11-2009
Name: Jerry ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Canadians are such nice people. Good luck to a crazy Pom with getting back on track!

Time & Date: 11:57  19-11-2009
Name: Connie from Dev Off

Hi John

Hope you soon recover and can get back on your bike! Pleased to hear you have a companion for some of the way. Don't push yourself too hard.
Take care and have fun!

Time & Date: 11:19  19-11-2009
Name: Ems ( Location: Desk , Country: UK )

Hey Daddy,

So proud of you keep it up!
Everything at home is fine so no need to worry. Everyone are so supportive and checking up on us. Jo Couper, Philip and Emma are being amazing and really looking out for us.

Keep it up and can't wait to see you again.
Load up on the P20

Love you lots and missing my daddy like mad

Time & Date: 11:05  19-11-2009
Name: Paul Santamaria Email: austin17 <at> bigpond <dot> net <dot> au

Johnny- another tip !

When you make it to Katherine- and you are not far off it- stop over at the local caravan park. Lots of shade by the river ,great showers (no water restrictions up in the Territory) and fresh barramundi in the kiosk to die for.

Stay safe - what a fantastic start you have made.


Time & Date: 10:36  19-11-2009
Name: Meenu and Rajan ( Location: Oxfordshire , Country: UK )

Hi Johnny
we are following your trip via the blog, sounds like the heat is getting to you. We are egging you on and know that you can do it.

We promise to keep sending you messages

Love Meenu and Rajan

Time & Date: 10:12  19-11-2009
Name: Mary Helen Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: maryhelenwoods <at> hotmail <dot> com

Today I minded Raffi Santamaria, (4 months). She bellowed very loudly every time she looked at me. This made her very hot and me even hotter. Then I thought about Uncle Johnny out there in the red desert, peddling for dear life. I felt better after this, but Raffi didn't, she kept bellowing. Onya Uncle Johnny.
Enjoy those sunsets.

Time & Date: 01:30  19-11-2009
Name: Paul and Maree ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: austin17 <at> telstra <dot> net <dot> au

great stuff to have the first day behind you ! All downhill from there..
Just one thing - we're out of milk. Could you pick up a litre on your way through and drop it in before you get to Goodall St?

Time & Date: 20:12  18-11-2009
Name: Helen Santa ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Aus )

I hear you have the first 24 hours behind you. Nice work. The website is constantly up on the computer so we are following you and thinking of you all the time. Stay safe and see you when you reach Goodall St. XO

Time & Date: 18:58  18-11-2009
Name: Bunty and Hugh ( Location: Oxford , Country: u.k ) Email: hdmccormack <at> hotmail <dot> com

We are fascinated following your journey and reading the Blog!. Know that we are praying for your safety and hoping that the funds for your 2 charities continue to grow.Proud of you..if I was still working, you would be my child of the week!!!

Time & Date: 17:55  18-11-2009
Name: Richard Pullinger ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

2 hours 45 to sunup, light tailwind, occasional showers. Get yer wheels on big fella and let em have it. We're with you.....

Time & Date: 14:21  18-11-2009
Name: Cokethorpe School ( Location: Witney , Country: UK )

Good Luck John. From the Headmaster, Pupils and Staff of Cokethorpe School.