Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 10:41  13-11-2009
Name: Philip a "Big Brother" watching you ( Location: Bath , Country: UK ) Email: phillipvf <at> btconnect <dot> com

Great coverage with Malcolm Boyden on Radio Oxford - you hit all the buttons - your PR man would be proud of you - in fact you sounded a bit like Dave Cameron from Witney - perhaps he'll make you Shadow Minister for Bikes!

Time & Date: 09:43  13-11-2009
Name: dave ( Location: sydney , Country: australia ) Email: deacull <at> yahoo <dot> com

Good Luck John,
I was listening to Malcolm Boydens radio oxford breakfast show and heard about your amazing adventure.
Hope you have a great birthday on the 19th December.

Time & Date: 08:49  13-11-2009
Name: Upper II C (Tiga'sClass) ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: ncollison <at> headingtonprep <dot> org

Dear Mr Vaughan-Fowler,
You are very brave and we thought we would send you a message to say Good Luck and well done. Happy 50th Birthday.

from Tiga and friends and their teacher!!!
PS Watch out for spiders!!!

Time & Date: 21:19  12-11-2009
Name: Cathy Clarke ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Having seen all the 'kit' tonight I am even more astounded and amazed at what you are setting out to accomplish!! I wish you lots of luck and look forward to hearing about how you are getting on! x

Time & Date: 09:41  12-11-2009
Name: Bob Marsden ( Location: oxford , Country: uk ) Email: bobandraz <at> btinternet <dot> com

We can't believe it is so close now you old codger! I am full of admiration for your determination and will follow you every step of the way! Still selling those bands! your old mate Bob

Time & Date: 22:06  11-11-2009
Name: J/S/L/J/A/A ( Location: Cashel , Country: Ireland )

Johnny ...1 day cycling in that climate/environment is good, 1 week is very good, 2 weeks is fantastic..... then we run out of words...We wish you all the very best - stay strong and well, we will follow you....mad!!!!

Time & Date: 19:51  11-11-2009
Name: Matz and Amanda Skoog ( Location: Wellington , Country: New Zealand ) Email: matz <dot> skoog <at> gmail <dot> com

Best of luck John, you are a brave man.
Perhaps you will pop down to Wellington to visit us since you will be in the vicinity of NZ...

Time & Date: 15:26  11-11-2009
Name: Patrick Bernard

Uncle Johnny, just to echo the sentiments below... Best of luck and see you on the other side! Keep on truckin'.

Time & Date: 21:24  10-11-2009
Name: Flora Gibbons

Hi johnny, just wishing you the absolute best of luck!hope it goes swimmingly and you have an amazing time too! lots of love xxx

Time & Date: 19:17  10-11-2009
Name: Hugh & Bunty McCormack ( Country: UK ) Email: hdmccormack <at> hotmail <dot> com

Not long now, Johnny, we shall follow your progress online and hope that all goes well, and that the donations to your charities of choice, keep rolling in. Good luck.

Time & Date: 21:53  09-11-2009
Name: Ryan ( Location: oxford , Country: england )

Hi John its Ryan from the bike shop see you Friday get that bike packed

Time & Date: 16:26  09-11-2009
Name: Joe Butler ( Location: United Kingdom , Country: United Kingdom ) Email: joebutler2 <at> gmail <dot> com
Homepage: http://

It is eye

Time & Date: 16:22  09-11-2009
Name: Joe Butler ( Location: United Kingdom , Country: United Kingdom ) Email: joebutler2 <at> gmail <dot> com


Time & Date: 10:14  09-11-2009
Name: Robynn Murphy ( Location: Murray Bridge , Country: Australia ) Email: rmu08549 <at> bigpond <dot> net <dot> au

Hi John,
I am Luke Murphys Mum and am wishing you all the best on your trip.
We have a shower and bed and a feed if you need one when you get to Murray Bridge.Give us a ring and we will help you out as best we Aussies can.
Good luck and hope to meet you soon.
Robynn Murphy

Time & Date: 09:43  09-11-2009
Name: Kris Murphy ( Location: Murray Bridge , Country: Australia ) Email: krismurphy1980 <at> live <dot> com

Hi John,
Im Luke Murphy's sister and i wish you all the best and all the luck on your trip. My family will be thinking of you when your traveling in the heat.

All the best
Kris and family.

Time & Date: 06:39  06-11-2009
Name: Jason ( Location: Sydney , Country: Australia ) Email: jspayres <at> yahoo <dot> com <dot> au

A long ride on difficult roads at a hot,stormy time of year. And then you leave Darwin! Always let someone know where you are please,the weather changes at a whim,the landscape changes at a whim. A tough challenge for noble causes-good on you.Godspeed.

Time & Date: 16:44  04-11-2009
Name: Agnieszka ( Location: Bielsko-Biała , Country: Poland )

You are amazing! Good luck! Powodzenia!

Time & Date: 13:19  04-11-2009
Name: sara ( Location: milan , Country: italy ) Email: spitt_ <at> hotmail <dot> com

Ciao! You are doing an amazing thing and I'll do my best to support you! Buona fortuna! Sara

Time & Date: 03:59  04-11-2009
Name: Pat ( Location: Elgin, Illinois , Country: USA )

It's a fantastic thing you're doing John. I'm sure the charities will benefit greatly from your effort. Go with God.

Time & Date: 00:32  31-10-2009
Name: Damien Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: dwo56460 <at> bigpond <dot> net <dot> au

Good onya Johnny. A terrific effort, looking forward to the grand arrivial in Hawthorn. Also, thank you for confirming all Englishmen I know are completely bonkers.

Time & Date: 16:09  29-10-2009
Name: Tiga Hormbrey ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: tigahorm <at> aol <dot> com

You are so amazing Jonny V.F.
I am proud to be your god daughter and don't give up when the going gets tuff. WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES AND SPIDERS!(cuase my dad won't be there in A and E to help you!)

lot's of love Tigs

Time & Date: 22:51  28-10-2009
Name: Jonathan Webb ( Location: Bristol , Country: England )

You are truly mad. But quite amazing. Go Johnny GO!

Time & Date: 08:38  28-10-2009
Name: Jackie Cattell ( Location: Chesham , Country: England ) Email: Jackie <dot> cattell <at> ntlworld <dot> com

What an amazing trip.Have pass it round to all Bucks girls so hopeful lots of hits to the site. Have a lovely trip.

Time & Date: 03:39  20-10-2009
Name: Zue Acker ( Location: San Francisco , Country: USA ) Email: zooacker <at> yahoo <dot> com

You Rock Johnnie!! We are so full of admiration for you. Not only are you mad, but you are also very courageous. (Are you taking a radio- you might need some entertainment) . Rock on Johnnie

Time & Date: 02:10  15-10-2009
Name: Holly and Geoff Prest ( Location: Adelaide , Country: Australia ) Email: crprest <at> gmail <dot> com

Looking forward to providing you with a hot bath and comfy bed in Adelaide! Will contact anyone we know en route for the same - though it may be a cold bath you need further north! It will be a life-changing experience not only for you but those lucky enough to benefit from your fund raising - good on you x