Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 13:47  15-12-2009
Name: Tom V-F's Father

Hi Brother
Just to say sorry for Tom's taste in music! It's nearly as bad as Simon Cowell's. Good luck for the last stretch to Melbourne from all the marsh dwellers.

Time & Date: 00:34  15-12-2009
Name: Martha ( Location: Canberra , Country: Oz )

Hi Johnny,
Not long to go now, well done!!
Any chance you can make it to Canberra for New Years as the Eyers clan would LOVE to see the Merton clan again!! oxoxo :)

Time & Date: 19:52  14-12-2009
Name: Chloe Faircloth ( Location: LA , Country: USA!!!!! )


Time & Date: 19:28  14-12-2009
Name: Tom Vaughan-Fowler ( Country: United Kingdom )

So close! A little musical inspiration is attached in the link if seeing JP's sweet, sweet face in Melbourne wasn't enough.

Well done!

Time & Date: 13:28  14-12-2009
Name: Jo Kenworthy-Browne ( Location: Scottish Borders , Country: UK ) Email: jokenworthybrowne <at> btinternet <dot> com

Hey John!
Tattin wrote and told me what you were doing but I've been so busy here that this is the first chance I've had to see you on your route - and WOW! I'm very impressed, not only by the overall distance you're cycling, but by the staggering 85 miles a day... I'd be lucky if I could cycle 8.5 miles in a year!!
So when I get back from where I have to be, I"ll sit down and glue myself to your site for as long as I can to see what it's all about.
Stick with it - you're practically there now! I'm joining you between Adelaide and Melbourne. Will write again.
Take care, lots of love, Jo XX

Time & Date: 10:44  14-12-2009
Name: Philip and co ( Location: Misty Bath , Country: UK )

Well done Johnny - really cracking on again. As you are making such good progress, why not push onto Canberra, or even Cairns - you should be there by Christmas. We need more photos on the gallery - please.

Time & Date: 10:44  14-12-2009
Name: Judith Paskin ( Location: BBC Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: jointheafternoon <at> bbc <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi John! Hope all is going well for you. We'd like to do another on-air interview on the Afternoon Show to find out how the trip is going. Sorry to put the request on your guest book but I can't seem to get your email to work! Can you get in touch please! Thanks! Happy Cycling!

Time & Date: 10:14  14-12-2009
Name: Rick ( Location: Hilltop , Country: UK ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Nearly party time longlegs. Will you get there in time to blow out yer candles? Is the Pope a catholic?
Go John......

Time & Date: 02:00  14-12-2009
Name: Edward Eyers ( Location: Canberra , Country: Straya )

I'm back in the office, sitting in front of a computer, and yearning for the open plains of central Australia.

Glad to see the little green man has made his way into Victoria. Hope Kate's found the right balance on when to come find you each morning - late enough for you to have covered good ground, early enough that you don't stand on the side of the road for 45mins waiting for your "support" vehicle (ahem).

Good luck with the final week, see you on Saturday!

Time & Date: 17:56  13-12-2009
Name: Robert Kerr ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK ) Email: robertkerr <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were> chilly.
They lit a fire in the craft. It sank,
proving once and for all that
you can't have your kayak and heat it.!

Not very topical that one as you in 40 degrees !

Traffic down west end lane has increased dramatically !!!!- Off licence sold out of Fosters -Probably just a coincidence !
One last push Well done
The Kerrs !

Time & Date: 20:01  12-12-2009
Name: Alina (& Tim) ( Location: West End Farm , Country: UK )

G'Day John!
I've just read your entire blog after checking in only semi-regularly until now, and being kept up to date by TIm of course, and might I say that I am absolutely astonished by the distances you have been covering... and the conditions. Truly remarkable- you should be completely and utterly chuffed! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend in Adelaide with the family (hi to all, and the Prests). If you are going via Waikerie back to Berri tomorrow you really should call in to see my folks. They head to Cairns on Monday, but before then I'm sure they'd love to meet you and no doubt offer you dinner or cuppas or anything you're in need of! All is great here. I love coming 'home' to West End Farm at the end of a busy day. You'll be back here before you know it, so enjoy your time out in SA and Vic. I imagine the environment will get better and better from here on. Anyway, all the very best of luck. We're cheering for you in Merton!
Love Alina & TIm.

Time & Date: 18:12  12-12-2009
Name: Plunkets ( Location: Elsfield , Country: UK ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi Johnny
What a joy it must have been to see the girls.
By the way, were those tears of joy or had Kate shown you their shopping bill from Singapore? Since you got bumped to first class by Qantas, I suppose they felt it only right to upgrade themselves to Raffles. Hey ho.
Pet update... The pigs are very happy here in Elsfield and are making a perfect mess of the garden – just what the Lawn Doctor ordered. I just need to convince G and G not to feed them brand new fruit and veg – they’re getting a better diet than me.
Keep up the great work and send our love to your gang.
Ride strong
J, C, G and G

Time & Date: 23:52  10-12-2009
Name: Rick ( Location: Hilltop , Country: UK ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Hey VF you're some piece of work. South Central regional emergency medicine meeting enjoyed my slide of your bike map thing on Tuesday.
Get yerself back here pdq, must be almost time for a celebratory glass of warm brown beer.

Time & Date: 17:29  10-12-2009
Name: Ian Kenworthy

Hi Johnnie,

‘Tattin’ keeps us all informed of your progress, when we meet up each week, although there are many of us who log in on a daily basis.

What you are achieving is simply inspirational and I may have to give up more than just alcohol for Lent next year!!! Well done.

I wonder what the ‘Good luck’ saying is for long distance cycling. – ‘Break a spoke’? ‘Slip a cog’? – ‘Spongy saddle’? Maybe I should stop there!!!

Ian, on behalf of the Clanfield bell ringers

Time & Date: 15:06  10-12-2009
Name: Ben

The girls were out on a scenic tour of Adelaide, you say. Good thing you mustn't have had to wait too long, Johnny!

Good luck with the final push - very jealous of you riding into Melbourne in time for Christmas!

Time & Date: 10:56  10-12-2009
Name: Josie Gregory ( Location: Mollongghip[ near Ballarat , Country: Australia ) Email: z_drouhin <at> hotmail <dot> com

Congratulations !! If you know when you will be passing along the Western Freeway near Wallace, we will bring our husky dog and come and wave, or else you could detour to Mollongghip for tea and scones, only 7 k off the freeway.
I met Kate when I visited her and the new pups with Alex, in Oxford, back in May.
Good luck, Josie.

Time & Date: 20:34  09-12-2009
Name: Cathy Clarke ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Hope you had a great reunion today!! Not far to go now. It's amazing how far you have come already in so little time. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
Cathy x

Time & Date: 12:40  09-12-2009
Name: Bunty and Hugh ( Country: U.K )

Hope the girls will be able to catch you up. You are going at some rate and they will still be shopping in Singapore!

Time & Date: 12:25  09-12-2009
Name: kerrs ( Location: oxfordshire , Country: uk ) Email: robert <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

I bought some HP sauce the other day.
It's costing me 6p a month for the next
2 years.

Plenty of Tiger Woods jokes but you probably dont even know the Nike logo
"just do it" has a completley different
slant to it these days !! You'll understand this when you get back to civilisation - Keep it going

Time & Date: 08:48  09-12-2009
Name: Andy B ( Location: Grumpyville , Country: Not one for Old Men ) Email: andrew <dot> bernard <at> tradeweb <dot> com

more proud of you than can easily express. Watching your green bike zip across the enormous emptiness of Australia is a wonder, and the first thing I do at work every day. A plethora of green and gold wristbands here in the office, and lots of "how is he doing?" and "I bet he is a lot thinner than you" (this last bit is true, but does not narrow the field much). Push on, remember the delights of Melbourne await you! Much Love, Andy B

Time & Date: 23:56  08-12-2009
Name: Gabriella ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Hi Johnny,

Wow, the road you have travelled. I admire your perseverance! Keep it up, you are almost there, only an inch to go. Well, at least on the map. Sending you and Ed lots of love and energy. Hope it has arrived. ( If not, it must be the postal strike.)

Xxx Gabriella and family

Time & Date: 21:18  08-12-2009
Name: James Greig ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

John, this looks fantastic. Feel I am making journey with you, with all the detail, photos etc. I bet you learn a few things about your character along the way. Well done, and look forward to hearing all about it at the end. James

Time & Date: 12:48  08-12-2009
Name: Tattin

Do you think you could just pop back into Jamestown and buy Edmund a pair of their best boots? He's a size 12. Ta ever so. Oh and by the way, you are doing brilliantly. My woolly hat (and gloves, thick coat, welly boots etc.) off to you. I'm almost envious. Almost. xx

Time & Date: 08:09  08-12-2009
Name: KERR ( Location: MERTON , Country: UK ) Email: robert <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

Just had a yoghurt..... and thought of you
seen a culture out there ?

More parties planned at West End Lane this W/E .............its fancy dress
theme is Lycra cyle wear only !!!

Time & Date: 01:17  08-12-2009
Name: Martha

Keep going Johnny!!
Great work to you and Ed, and we're very proud of you both. See you soon. M :)