Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 09:27  19-12-2009
Name: kerrs ( Location: Merton , Country: UK ) Email: robert <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the club ! Johnnie Well done on your epic journey

As Muhammad Ali once said " don't count the days...make the days count"

Sub zero temps here in Oxfordshire
For sale.....
Johnnie see below advert Can you buy it for me?

The most elegant and functional display cabinet on the market. Features fine timber details & 4 leadlight options. With 4 side access doors there is maximum frontal display. Adjustable shelves are extra deep to accommodate large items. Halogen down lights, mirror back and glass shelves provide max illumination of your collectables from top to bottom. To give indication of size - previously held Ashes, Rugby World Cup, TriNations, Bledisloe Cup.

See you in January !!!!!!

Time & Date: 04:19  19-12-2009
Name: Mary Helen Woods ( Location: Melbourne , Country: Australia ) Email: maryhelenwoods <at> hotmail <dot> com

Just back from amazing event at Federation Square, when the cyclist pedalled in to rounds of applause, and singing of Happy Birthday. He looks in very good shape indeed and we want to record our sincere congratulations on a truly significant achievement. From the Woods family, including the London ones who were all there as well!!

Time & Date: 01:26  19-12-2009
Name: Emma and Philip ( Location: bedtime , Country: UK )

Good to chat just now and well done on the last slow ride into downtown Melbourne - what a fantastic achievement, and the DJ on Radio Oxford gave your website a great plug.

Time & Date: 00:44  19-12-2009
Name: Mike VF ( Location: Fairholme Farm , Country: UK ) Email: michaelvf <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Who's Kitty??????

Noodle says Happy Birthday!!!
Love from all in Berkshire and VERY well done.

Time & Date: 00:08  19-12-2009
Name: Kitty Vaughan-Fowler ( Location: Melbourne , Country: UK / Oz ) Email: kittyvf_is <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk


I am so proud to be your daughter and i am so proud of you too.

I can't wait to see you.I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Love your absolutely favourite daughter.


Time & Date: 21:48  18-12-2009
Name: anthea jones ( Location: bendigo , Country: australia ) Email: stay <at> big4bendigo <dot> com <dot> au

Happy Birthday John! Well done on a fantastic journey. It was a pleasure to meet you, Kate & your adorable girls. Good luck for the next 50 years!
Anthea, Ray, Ash & Alex (and Holly the dog who should have been a Christmas pony)

Time & Date: 21:13  18-12-2009
Name: Cathy Clarke ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Hope you have a fantastic birthday celebration! You deserve a very large glass of something fizzy after that! You are amazing! Well done and enjoy the celebrations - I can't wait to hear all about it when you guys get back.
Lots of love
Cathy x

Time & Date: 18:57  18-12-2009
Name: Plunkets ( Location: Elsfield , Country: UK ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi Johnny,
2,500 miles… tick.
50 years… tick.
Celebratory bottle of champagne… tick.
Getting out of your sweaty lycra… tick.
Now that you have reached the climax of your journey and completed a most notable half century, take time to enjoy the accolades and the day / evening ahead. There is a lie-in due for you now.
Congratulations for everything Johnny. You have had an amazing journey.
With love from all the Plunkets – J, C, G & G

Time & Date: 15:49  18-12-2009
Name: Maria ( Location: Oxford , Country: England )

Hi Johnnie,
Have just listened to you on Radio Oxford. I hope it spurs on some more donations for you.
Congratulations on an amazing achievement. Enjoy the celebrations and have a fantastic birthday.
Maria and family

Time & Date: 12:03  18-12-2009
Name: kerr ( Location: oxon , Country: uk ) Email: robert <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

8inches snow in Sthrn Engl today !!!! M40 shut at Stkncrh Luton airport closed
freezing cold - ( no snow at Merton though)
I was last in Bendigo over 25 years ago !!

•Did you hear Tiger changed his name to Cheetah? •The police asked Tiger's wife how many times she hit him. "I can't remember," Elin said, "just put me down for a 5."

Time & Date: 10:10  18-12-2009
Name: Rick ( Location: Hilltop , Country: UK ) Email: rick <dot> pullinger <at> gmail <dot> com

Come on longlegs, only 15 hours to save the universe. Honestly, I think you can take the brakes off now and let them have it. We're still sending the energy through our magic green ring pieces.

Sorry I can't get Melbourne to see you in tomorrow, but we have you booked in for the all new "butt retread" procedure in January.

Don't forget now, I could still do with a couple of empty VB cans as a trophy.

Do it.

Time & Date: 23:41  17-12-2009
Name: Plunkets ( Location: Elsfield , Country: UK ) Email: james <dot> p <at> transitiongroup <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi Johnny.
What a truly amazing journey!
After your many days and nights spent in the quiet solitude of the sweltering and expansive outback, welcome back to the real world. We really hope that you enjoy your last hours in the saddle as you approach the finish line in Federation Square on Saturday.
As many others have said, it will be strange not to follow your daily travels and watch the little green man’s progress. Perhaps we can follow your daily jaunt from the kitchen to your office… maybe not.
Ride strong.
J, C, G & G

p.s. Your green man is still in South Australia. Have you pressed your button?

Time & Date: 07:21  17-12-2009
Name: KERRS ( Location: OXFORDSHIRE , Country: UK ) Email: ROBERT <at> RKAG <dot> DEMON <dot> CO <dot> UK

Snow in London yesterday !!
Black Ice in Oxon this morning
Dark by 3.45pm
Shortest in Nrthn Hemisph only 4 days away
its all downhill from here according to the map !
Keep on pedalling
The Kerrs

Time & Date: 21:22  16-12-2009
Name: Louise Robins ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

How ironic, just as school term comes to an end (roll on 1pm, absolutely knackered) your journey comes to an end and you'll be knackered too! But wow, what a way to get knackered! Nearly there. Celebratory cocktails on your return to UK

Time & Date: 21:18  16-12-2009
Name: Jo Couper ( Location: Penarth , Country: UK ) Email: jocouper <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi proud of you and sending you loads of love.Wish we could be with you all to enjoy your celebrations but you are in all our thoughts and a very Happy Birthday!!!

Time & Date: 15:12  16-12-2009
Name: Rupert Gardner ( Location: London , Country: England ) Email: rupertgardner <at> aol <dot> com

Well done Johnny, keep spinning, Also to Shirley, Carlos and Ed--what a team. Have been enjoying the blog these past weeks. As the snow attempts to settle here, make the most of wearing shorts and enjoy the last few days on the road. What a great invention is the bicycle.
Wishing you a safe ride into Melbourne and a well deserved celebration . Happy Birthday for the 19th. love Ru Amanda and David.

Time & Date: 09:08  16-12-2009
Name: Tattin

Just to let you know, as you complete your amazing journey, Edmund has had an offer from the place of his dreams. How good is that?! We send you all lots of love and are thinking of you so much. Enjoy the celebrations. xxx

Time & Date: 06:40  16-12-2009
Name: Judith Mooney ( Location: Melbourne Parkinson's Victoria , Country: Australia ) Email: judith <at> parkinsons-vic <dot> org <dot> au

Hi John
From the team here at Parkinson's Victoria - congratulations on your journey so far!

Would love to welcome you to Melbourne on Saturday at Federation Square - but not sure of what time?

Thank you for doing such an inspiring and amazing job raising awareness (and funds) in support of Parkinson's and your support of our work here in Victoria.
Best wishes for the last few kms to the finish line - no doubt it will be an amazing emotional and rewarding finish to an equally amazing journey!
Ride safe!
Judith and the team here at Parkinson's Victoria

Time & Date: 22:55  15-12-2009
Name: Jonny Lee ( Location: Edlesborough , Country: Uk ) Email: jonathan <dot> lee <at> talk21 <dot> com

Perth to Sydney - 55th?

Time & Date: 21:08  15-12-2009
Name: Jon - again ( Country: IRL )

Very well done Johnny - have a great birthday - some celebration it will be!!!

Time & Date: 19:09  15-12-2009
Name: Jess Bishop

I've loved reading your blog all the way and have blabbed onto alice many a time about how amazing i think you are for doing this. I really hope you enjoy this last leg, you will come back a toned 50 year old and all my dad could do was increase his beer belly! (although i think you may deserve a beer or two after this!) Have a fantastic birthday. Good luck. Jess X

Time & Date: 18:47  15-12-2009
Name: Hugh and Bunty ( Location: U.K. )

What a great achievement! Proud to know you.Have a wonderful birthday,you deserve it. Will greatly miss our "man on a bike" and I am missing my outings with Kate. Love to you,Kate and the girls. xx

Time & Date: 18:21  15-12-2009
Name: Maria Gibbons ( Location: Oxford , Country: England )

Just wondering what I'm going to do after this weekend, there will be no more 'Celebrity get me out of here', 'XFactor' and now no more little man on a bike!!!!
Good luck for the last leg of the journey.

Time & Date: 14:59  15-12-2009
Name: The Francis Family ( Location: Radclive , Country: UK ) Email: Francis3 <at> sky <dot> com

Hi Johnny well done for a fantastic effort, hope you have enjoyed it! Make sure you are not to tired to enjoy Saturday! Happy Birthday. x

Time & Date: 14:23  15-12-2009
Name: Tom VF's cousin ( Location: Fulham )

Johnny, So close-well done and happy birthday for Saturday! Some further musical inspiration with a shout out to Tom who's made this more relevant of late.