After leaving Darwin on November 18th I finally arrived in Federation Square at approx 13.45 on December 19th - my 50th birthday. I have covered some 3935 kms (2459 miles). Despite leaving on 18th November I had some 9 days rest which meant that I covered the total distance in 23 days at an average of 171 kms (107 miles) per day when I was actually cycling.

Even though I have stopped my ride, the journey for the charities continues. So please remember to spread the word for the charities and help us reach the all important goal of £50,000.


Oct 29, 2009

MIchael Buble . Everything

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Posted by: Alberon

With just over 2 weeks to go it is really starting to dawn on me how much I will miss Kate and the girls. This song is for Kate!